January 5, 2009
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 Album #3

 The Missing Link
  • Be My Yoko Ono Polka
  • I’m Goin Back Oberek
  • Czarnina Polka
  • Times Shared Waltz
  • North Shore Polka
  • Bright Star Polka
  • Katie's Oberek (Oj Nasza Kasia)
  • The Rest of My Life
  • Elu Moja
  • Girl of My Dreams
  • Shining Moon Waltz
  • Stormy Clouds Polka
  • Who Stole the Kiszka Polka
  • Green Grass Polka Medley
  • Mountaineer's Polka
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 Album #2

 Fresh & Smoked 
  • Till There Was You Polka
  • Alison
  • Pod Mostem Polka
  • Army Days Polka
  • Krakowiak
  • Nasza Wódecka Polka
  • Amanda Polka
  • Blister Chicken Polka Medley
  • Happiness Polka
  • Czyia Ta Dziewczyna
  • Kielbasa Kings Polka
  • Thanks For The Memories Polka
  • Oj Dana (live)
  • Alison (live)
click title to hear song hook (~450K each)

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